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Students Support & Cells

Equal Opportunities Cell (EOC)

The Equal Opportunities Cell in our college ensures that all students are treated equally. Students with disabilities, minority status, or from disabling environmental, economic, and cultural barriers will be given equal rights, status, and opportunities. The Cell strictly opposes any form of unjustifiable behavior, discrimination, or prejudices. The EOC addresses the concerns of the students belonging to SC, ST, OBC and persons with disabilities (PWD).

As part of its mission statement, the EOC ensures the following:
  • Affirmative and inclusive actions concerning SC, ST, and OBC
  • free access to all buildings of the college, departments, libraries, and office of the college.
  • No discrimination on grounds of minority status or disability
  • Reaching out to like-minded institutes and organizations dealing with similar issues
  • Special learning measures in libraries for people with learning disabilities

Programs on disability and human rights help in understanding the experiences of students and staff with disabilities. It is designed to bring about issues that affect the way in which people with disabilities are treated locally as well as globally.

our college encourages differently-abled students to take up programs offered by the college. They are given preference in the use of facilities like canteens, cafeteria, and library. They are allowed to record lectures in the classrooms.